Thursday, June 26, 2014

magic dream makers

One of my favourite clients Lulu sent me a fairly tangled request asking for something amazing to go instore @ Come As You Are Boutique Paddington, in preparation / excitement for their event with Free People. When I say tangled - I mean.. it tangled up my brain and I had no idea what she was after and what I was going to to create.
After a few mad professor evenings spent down in the garage ripping up old rugs, spilling glitter everywhere and weaving golden webs, I whipped up these magical dream makers. 
A few days later we were out the back of the store chit chatting and who walks in but our dream girl Abbey Lee. We all passed out with star struckism. 
I think they must really work!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Holly & Kale 4 Ever

Can you handle this? Can you believe this? I pretty much think I can just delete all of the photos on my blog and just have these ones up. No, this is not one of those pretend wedding photo shoots, this is the real deal. A real wedding with real people. Really AMAZING people.. The ceremony was at Lucinda Park in Palm Beach and the Reception was held at Moby Dicks in Whale Beach. It was an honour to create these pieces for their dream day. Congratulations Holly & Kale...what a perfect match.


 Photographs by The Robertsons Wedding Photography

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

LVELAND studio

I am so grateful to have a little space to work away and create where I can play music as loud as I want and make as much mess as I want...whenever I want!
 And I am also grateful to share the space and be inspired by one crazy superhuman -  Jamie Blakey. She makes things happen. Well- nearly everything. She thinks I'm going to start doing yoga ... but I AM NOT. 
I hate group activities. 

photos by
thanks to

free people pop up

Hello people of the internet! I have a little news flash for you!
Free People will be popping up in Sydney very soon in partnership with one of my favourite boutiques that I love to flower bomb - Come as You Are.
Free People are known for their bohemian dream like spaces, so I cant wait to see what they POP UP with!


10:00 AM TIL 6:00 PM

RSVP here for the Pop Up store and be in the running to win a Free People wardrobe:

PS> I am big time loving this bridal badass "wedding" inspiration from their shoot with
Erin Wasson.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

awkward with orchids

I am totally frothbobbing on orchids at the moment. I cant get enough!
My friend Ange told me about pareidolia - which is when you see things-  the imagined perception of a pattern where it does not actually exist, as in considering the moon to have human features.. or when the face of jesus was toasted into somones toast - when actually it was just burnt.
Anyway - I see faces in these little beauties and thats why they are my friends.
Orchids for EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

style sesh - the movie

I love videos. Mostly because they distract me from doing any real work, like Im supposed to be doing work right now... but I'm not cause I'm watching videos. But you should watch this video because its awesome. Its from our first STYLESESH workshop with Hitched Magazine. One of my most favourite days. EVER. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

all that remains

This is lovely Leaha. We often drink afternoon coffees together and kick our legs up at the sun and dream about things that will probably never happen. She loves to come along and join me on my floral escapades from time to time and "help" // And by "help" I mean make me laugh so much that by the time I get to wherever it is that we are going, I am EXHAUSTED... and thats how we end up drinking more coffee. The other day, Leaha was "helping me" at the studio and we took these beautiful photos. 
Leaha is the boss lady of her brand which is called
All that Remains (which also happens to be the name of a punk rock band, which she is not in)

Holly & Kale

A little sneak peeker from the wedding of Holly & Kale this weekend just gone.
Absolutely amazing.. if I do say so myself.

Image 4 by The Roberstons 
Image 5 via Woolfmoon

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Style Sesh Workshop

A couple of weeks ago I hosted an FYI DIY floral workshop with the lovely ladies from Hitched Magazine. We bunkered up at Studio Neon for the day, it was rainy outside, but that didn't matter because inside it felt like flower heaven. I went out the day before and bought all of my favourite flowers from my favourite suppliers - the best ingredients to make the best bouquets!
As the guests started to roll in, I was mid outfit crisis and without shoes.. but I pulled myself together just in time. Our flower fanatics had travelled far and wide to learn the art of flower drumming and I was so grateful.  We went around the room to learn about why each student had come and it was inspiring to find out what other people get up to and share a room with people who love flowers as much as I do! We kicked off with a table arrangement and each student came up to get their flowers - they could pick between romantical or wild, it was a bit chaotic but great... there were literally flowers flying though the air. Everyone got an A+ for their table arrangement designs and we celebrated much photo taking and some lunch. After lunch we got together and created a giant pinterest mood board  You see, pinteresting and mood boarding so SO important when planning an event, everyone had brought along references that they loved and once everything was up on the wall we could see that everyone had a similar style but it also exposed us to ideas that we had never even dreamed of! From the references I explained the tips and tricks for how a lot of these things are made - archways, flower crowns, table runners etc. And for those of you at home - cable ties are my secret weapon!
Next we moved onto making a bridal bouquet, again the girls came up to select their flowers but this time it was a free for all and they could pick whatever their hearts desired, with a little guidance from me of course! They learned about spiralling stems and my favourite idea of working with grouping and accent features. It was actually incredible to see before my eyes a room full of flower lovers just going for it and creating the MOST BEAUTIFUL arrangements I have seen. Absolutely amazing.
I am so grateful to be able to share something that makes me SO happy. All of our students walked away with the knowledge and inspiration to take on their next floral event guns blazing and a hitched goodie bag too! Thank you for coming and sharing your day with me and thank you Hitched for facilitating such a wonderful project. Until next time! x

This is my OHHHhhhhh and then what happened face
And this is my I have no idea what Im talking about face


 All photos via the amazing Butterfly Bones Photography to view more pop on over to facebook